Sony VCT-VPR1 tripod

VCT-VPR1, Remote Control Tripod

Steady shooting with easy control
Aluminium tripod with advanced remote control, quick shoe and multi USB cable

- Compose every shot with complete control.
- Take it anywhere thanks to a compact design.
- Simply mount your Handycam® via quick shoe.

- Get up close with zoom - Pull yourself closer to your subject with the zoom lever on the remote, or use the slow zoom switch for a more measured close up.
- Compose a shot with grid lines - Check vertical and horizontal alignment with the grid line button on the remote, which shows 4 white lines to help line up a shot.
- Streaky effect with bulb shooting - The photo button slows the shutter speed, so moving clouds or passing trains appear as streaks while stationary objects stay sharp.
- Get flexible with a detachable remote control - Simply attach the remote to the tripod and control your shooting from a distance, get close up shots without scaring the wildlife.
- Quick and easy mounting with quick shoe - Always capture the moment perfectly, quickly attach the Handycam® for a steady shot and then easily release once you’re done.
- Attach different cameras with connector cable - Connect the camera or camcorder best suited to the shot using the multi terminal (please check compatibility tab)..
- High and low shots using the elevator - The tripod extends to a maximum height of 1,465mm and goes right down to a low angle of 435mm for high or low shots.
- Smooth pans and tilts with the tripod head - Whether it’s left, right, up or down, the tripod’s oil fluid head allows you to follow your subject with smooth movement.
- Straight shooting with the leveller - When the bubble in the leveller is completely inside the red circle, the tripod platform is perfectly horizontal.
- Pack it up and take anywhere - The tripod is slim and compact, slip it in the supplied case and take it on a shoot with no bother.

Technical details

Colour of product 
Digital/film cameras
Height (max) 
146.5 cm
Height (min) 
43.5 cm
Number of legs 
Leg sections
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Packaging content

Carrying case