Roll Bar Mount for use @ Action Cam

Mount your camera in more places

Shoot from your bike, 4x4, go-cart, boat, or ATV
Mount your Action Cam securely to the bars on your vehicle for smooth shooting. A roll bar mount also allows you to take shots of yourself and people behind you.

Find your best angle

Gravity and small, awkward spaces limit you no longer. The roll bar mount has a three-axle mechanism, allowing you to rotate the camera to any angle you need.

Let others see what you see
The roll bar mount fits securely to your bike so you can attach your Action Cam in its waterproof case.

Take it cycling, windsurfing, boating and more
Fits a wide range of tubes, including Φ20 to Φ40 tubes and large-diameter Φ35 to Φ65 tubes.

Ready for a bumpy ride
The tripod screw ensures a secure connection so you can capture that thrilling shot.

Ride through spray and dirt
Take the Action Cam and its waterproof case in wet conditions, like muddy mountain trails or rain-soaked city streets.

Put a new angle on your adventure
Adjust the roll bar mount to shoot your preferred angle thanks to a three-axle mechanism.

Technical details

Colour of product 
Sony HDR-AS100V, HDR-AS30V