Sony AKA-RD1

AKA-RD1, Replacement door pack f/ Action Cam

Don’t let a little water get in the way
- Replacement door pack for Action Cam.
- Extend the possibilities of your waterproof case.
- Enjoy three different ways of shooting underwater.
- Get clearer shots when you’re diving deep down.

Boost underwater shooting
With the replacement door pack for the waterproof case for Action Cam, you’ll enjoy even better results when you film underwater. Capture the sounds beneath the waves. Catch every detail when you dive deep. Add to your possibilities when you record diving action.

Crisp diving images
When you’re shooting underwater, refraction and distortion are going to be an issue. To counteract this, the replacement door pack includes a special flat lens door that ensures clear and focused images to depths of 60 metres.

Clear underwater sound
Filming a coral reef? Want to hear what all those fish have to say for themselves? The audio enhancing door for the waterproof case has a slight opening near the embedded microphone, enabling you to record clear, rich sound down to depths of 10 metres.

Technical details

Sony HDR-AS15