Sony AKA-FL1

AKA-FL1, Action Cam Waterproof Case

Action Cam’s very own life jacket
- High-visibility float for use with Action Cam waterproof case.
- Keeps Action Cam afloat if dropped in water.
- Fastens securely to the waterproof case.
- Bright yellow colour makes it easy to spot.

- Cam overboard - Prevent your Action Cam from sinking without trace if you drop it in the water or it gets separated from its mount.
- Easy to spot - The float is finished in high-visibility yellow so you won’t lose sight of your Action Cam (unless it’s a seriously big swell).
- Attaches securely - To prevent your Action Cam and float parting company, the float holder fastens to the waterproof case using the tripod mount.
- Compatible with other accessories - Use when shooting handheld with the waterproof case or with other accessories such as the surfboard mount.
- Tailor-made for a range of sports - Whether you’re into surfing, kayaking or big game fishing, the float is an invaluable accessory for your Action Cam.

Technical details

Colour of product 
White, Yellow
Sony HDR-AS15
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