Sony SAL2875 camera lense

SAL- 2875 28-75mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens

Enhance your photos with pro-quality close-ups and tight detail shots with this wide constant aperture, 28-75mm f2.8 zoom lens featuring a Smooth AF Motor (SAM) for fast and accurate focusing.

With its precision optics, compact size and wide 75 degree angle of view, the SAL-2875 wide-angle lens is an excellent choice for sharp, high-contrast shots when you're working indoors, with people in groups, or in landscapes and urban scenes. It's also ideal when you want a panoramic or inclusive shot with lots of detail. Mounted on your compatible Sony α DSLR camera, this lightweight wide-angle lens provides a near-standard 42mm focal length (35mm equivalent).

With wide-angle optics and deep depth of field, this lens creates sharp, high-contrast photos that capture more detail in both foreground and background.

With compact size and light weight, it’s an easy lens to carry when traveling or for long shooting sessions.

A built-in sliding lens hood protects your optics and makes it faster to switch lenses.

Technical details


Lens system

Focal length (35mm film equivalent)
28 - 75 mm
Zoom capability 

Weight & dimensions

7.75 cm
Filter size 
6.7 cm
9.4 cm