Sony HVL-RL1 camera flashe

HVL-RL1 LED Ring Light

Continuous, powerful light to show every detail
The bright, steady LED flash produces 700 lux / 30cm of luminance
Control the shadow effect you want
To create a particular quality of shadow, the light ring can be lit completely, or lit right side or left side only
Adjust the precise amount of light for your shoot
With a dimmer control you can accurately control the light volume while you work
Extend your shooting capabilities
Gain instant compatibility to an extended family of cameras with the simple and effective ADP-AMA shoe adapter (comes supplied)
The power is built-in so you can go anywhere
Space for batteries (not included) so you can shoot for up to 40 minutes (4 x Sony AA alkaline) or 110 minutes (4 x Sony AA Ni-MH)
Easily attach to a 49mm or 55mm lens
Use the adapter ring (comes supplied) to attach the flash to different size lenses
Keep everything safe when you travel
Put the ring light in the carry case (comes supplied) so you can protect everything on the way to a shoot

Technical details

Camera brands compatibility