Sony ACC-DVDH camera kit

Accessory value kit for DVD Handycam

- Accessory value kit for DVD Handycam models using H or P series batteries.
- An affordable ready-made solution that includes the essential accessories for every camcorder user.
- Carrying case for convenient storage and protection.
- Spare high capacity battery for those once-in-a-lifetime events.
- A blank DVD+RW disk to get you started

NP-FH50 InfoLITHIUM™ H Series Battery
- STAMINA super long battery life
- New ActiFORCE battery technology for higher capacity, faster recharging time and more accurate and fast remaining capacity indication.
- Hybrid Lithium-ion cells with no ‘Memory Effect’
- Compatible with older P-series battery operated Camcorders
- Power 6.8 V / 6.1Wh / 900mAh
Soft carrying case
- Ideal for camera protection and storage
- Compact and very light
- Approx. Size (mm): W 180 x H 140 x D 155mm
- Approx. Weight: 185g
DVD+RW re-writable DVD
- Strage capacity:1.4GB
- Recording time in SP recording mode: Approx.30min.("HQ":Approx.20min. "LP":Approx.60min.)

Technical details

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