Samsung SMX-F30SP hand-held camcorder

Samsung's sleek Memory Card Camcorder features a powerful 42x Intelli-zoom lens and a 8th generation DSP chip, which basically delivers a whole new level of image brilliance.

You can also easily share your memories on the internet and portable devices with the Web and Mobile mode. Add to this the longer battery life, and you have a camcorder that is ready to go exploring.

the 8th generation DSP chip from SAMSUNG

Experience the most naturally beautiful images with the 8th generation DSP chip from SAMSUNG. Advanced Colour Expression, Hyper Digital Image Stabiliser, Super LCD plus, and Face Detection Auto Focus combine to make your digital image dreams a reality. Longer battery life, extended recording time, and higher quality digital imaging are enabled by the SAMSUNG chip. By designing and implementing a powerful single chip control system, power consumption is dramatically reduced, allowing you to capture more memories that can be treasured for the rest of your life.

3D noise reduction

The F30/33/34 transcend the boundaries of convention by introducing 3D noise reduction that dramatically eliminates noise while maintaining the original edge and pattern of the image. By analysing motion between the frames, the frames are split into pattern / edge frames and differential frames and are passed through separate filters which maintain the pattern and edge and remove noise. After filtering, the frames are combined once more to make a cleaner, clearer image.

colour as vivid as your memories

Digital Natural Colour Processing creates an expanded palette of colours that are closer to those seen in nature. By internally adjusting images beyond RGB into 4 colour CMYG spectral colour matching, the F30/33/34 are able to accurately recreate colours that are closer to those your eyes see, closer to your memories, and closer to reality.

face detection AF technology

Unlike conventional camcorders, the F30/33/34's advanced Face Detection AF technology targets the faces in the screen. With intelligent face detection auto-focus, faces are always focused-on, even if they are not in the centre of the screen. SAMSUNG’s Face Detection AF enables you to capture clearer, higher quality video.

more recording time, more memories to treasure

Enjoy recording more of the highest quality video footage with the SAMSUNG F30/33/34. Thanks to the high performing H.264 Codec, the F30/33/34 record more of your memories than camcorders which use MPEG2. With the same capacity, the F30/33/34 record about twice more than MPEG2 codec. Its compressed video files are faster to e-mail and upload to the web, which makes sharing as easy as can be, with no loss of Image quality.