Samsung EZ-DLENS017/E1 camera lense

SAMSUNG 35mm F2 - D-Xenogon Lens

A beautiful smile catches your eye, and you want to make it last forever. With rich color reproduction and a special coating that enables clear images to be captured even when pictures are taken against light, the D-Xengon 35mm lens allows you to make moments last forever in perfect clarity.

- Vivid & bright resolution in any light conditions With a natural field of view and perspective, the D-Xenogon 35mm lens creates bright and clear images even in low light conditions. Further, rich gradation and deep colour ensure a high contrast resolution, while the low depth of field enables the creation of special images by blurring the background and highlighting the shooting subject. Clearly capturing the subject Made up of a 5/6 lens constitution, including F22 aperture and Aspherical lenses, the D-XENOGON 35mm lens features a 49mm filter. The field of view is 44 (53 for GX-10), and the single lens' 0.3m short focal length enables vivid image creation without distortion. Sharp and clear resolution
- The Aspherical lenses control spherical aberration, and enable high resolution even in open areas
- Special coatings allows for clear image creation even when pictures are taken against light
- 30cm close-up shooting is possible
- The most lightweight and compact-sized among equivalent 35mm models

Technical details


Weight & dimensions

6.4 cm
Filter size 
4.9 cm
4.44 cm