Samsung EZ-DLENS015/E1 camera lense

EZ-DLENS015/E1 SAMSUNG 100mm MACRO F2.8 D-Xenon Lens

Take a closer look at the small things that you might take for granted every day, and you'll find amazing, fascinating images waiting to be captured. The D-XENON 100mm Macro lets you do so, with a 1:1 Macro lens, enabling close-up views of very small objects and producing clean, high quality images. Meet a new world that you've never seen before.

- Optimized close up photography The wide aperture range from F2.8 to 32 enables a wide range of depth field. Additionally, with the high resolution of the 1:1 Macro lens and excellent levels of detail even from afar, this lens can also be used for high quality portrait photography. Small and light user-centric design Combining small optical material and light but strong facing material, this macro lens represents excellence in compact design. Furthermorer, the convenient aperture ring not only makes the operation of automatic/manual exposure a lot easier, but it also helps you to set the focus quickly and accurately. High quality resolution design ideal for digital imaging
- Image circle corresponding to 35mm film Digital Single-Lens Reflex
- Compact, lightweight design through small-sized but highly efficient optical lens and high-rigidity light materials
- From the closest distance to the farthest, the rear separable lens focusing system provides the best image quality
- Closest possible focusing distance

Technical details

Colour of product 

Lens system

Diagonal angle of view (max)

Weight & dimensions

6.75 cm
8.05 cm