Samsung ED-SEF580A

A-TTL, 1m-10m, 5600 ± 500K

For Professional and Better Flash Photography
If you are a budding photographer and like getting adventurous with your camera, then the Samsung SEF580A Flash is your must-have accessory. When you use the function such as Auto Through The Lens (A-TTL), A-TTL high-speed sync (A-TTL HSS), manual flash (M), manual flash HSS (M HSS) and multi-flash mode in SEF580A + camera, it makes you the optimum shooting environment. It also has an portable design and is easy to store and carry while working – which is just another reason why it is perfect for photography shoots. So, if you want to look like a professional photographer, you are going to need the right tools, like the Samsung SEF580A Flash.

Be creative with bouncing light effects
If you like getting creative with your shots, Samsung SEF580A Flash offers a real choice of settings to show off your skills. You can adjust the flash head vertical(Up 90 °) and horizontal(Left 180 °, Right 120 °) direction to bounce the flash. If you shoot by being rotated in the camera vertically, it is very convenient. It also has a Guide Number 58, which means that the flash is ideal for longer distances both indoor and outdoor. This is definitely the flash for anyone looking to produce studio quality photographs.

Multi-flash mode that incorporates the rhythmic movements
You can shoot the moment moving at high speed via the NX series. Multi-flash mode is suitable for motion analysis and special effects purposes, by applying several flash exposures at once when capturing a photo. The flash fires according to the flash count and interval you have set, and the flash output level can be set at 1/4 or less. If you use multi-flash mode in the darkroom as well as indoors, you may incorporate the rhythmic movement of a person or a moving subject.

Enjoy your perfect shot with A-TTL Flash & Manual Flash
It lets you optimise your photographs in A-TTL (Through The Lens) Flash. In the A-TTL mode, an appropriate level of the flash is automatically calculated based on the exposure value and shutter speed set on the camera by measuring the light entering through the lens. This feature basically ensures that the correct amount of light, through the exposure timing, is received on image sensor. This puts control back into the photographer, as it allows for elements such as aperture and shutter speeds to dictate the exposure and not the other way around. In the Manual mode, you can select the position of the bulb from the following settings: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 85, or 105 mm(in 35 mm format standard). Also, You can set the flash output at 1/3 stop from P1/1 (maximum output) to P1/256 (minimum output).

Go professional with Powerful lighting
In the A-TTL/Manual High-speed sync flash mode, you can use the flash at a faster shutter speed than at flash sync speed. If the shutter speed is faster than the sync speed, the flash will fire multiple times at high speed while the shutter is partially open. It offers a high intensity of light, which is far better than the built-in flash, and also provides greater control over the intensity levels. And for those who plan their shots meticulously, the Samsung SEF580A Flash delivers reliable and consistent results, which ensures that the lighting effect you desire is there for all your shots. ※ HSS Function is compatible with NX30 and successors

Technical details

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All NX Cameras
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Guide number (ISO 100, set at 35mm zoom)
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Weight & dimensions

7.3 cm
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